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Breathing disorders during sleep are common among asthmatics When asthmatics are awake.

Breathing disorders during sleep are common among asthmatics When asthmatics are awake, they can turn with their inhalers to open their airways. But when they sleep, most of them continue to struggle with breathing – and an understanding of their sleep-related complications may help doctors better identify and treat their sufferers’ asthma, according to brand-new University of Michigan Health System study. Symptoms of sleep apnea and other difficulty in breathing during sleep are common among people who have asthma, according to the extensive research, which is being provided today at the American Thoracic Society’s 2005 International Conference in San Diego . Given this preliminary acquiring from a continuing study, researchers state doctors should examine their asthma sufferers’ sleep patterns more regularly, particularly when the patients continue steadily to have trouble with regular use of inhalers and other common asthma treatments even.

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