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CHOP scientist receives 2013 E.

CHOP scientist receives 2013 E. Donnall Thomas Prize for research in bleeding disorder hemophilia Katherine A propecia farmacia . High, M.D., of The Children's Medical center of Philadelphia was honored for her trailblazing scientific and clinical research in the bleeding disorder hemophilia when she received the 2013 E. Donnall Thomas Prize from the American Society of Hematology at its annual conference on Dec. 9 in New Orleans. Called for the past due Nobel Prize laureate E. Donnall Thomas, the award recognizes pioneering analysis achievements in hematology that have helped move the field ahead. An internationally recognized professional in the molecular basis of hemophilia, Dr. High has developed novel methods to correcting hemophilia with gene therapy in research over the past two decades.

Research demonstrates patients adhere much better to the procedure options they are comfortable with and that will be the most practical for them. We have to make sure we're asking the right questions,’ said Fiks, who’s also co-medical director of CHOP's Pediatric Research Consortium.. CHOP tool might help health insurance and parents care companies better treat ADHD Pediatricians and researchers in The Kids's Hospital of Philadelphia's have developed a first-of-its kind device to greatly help parents and healthcare providers better treat ADHD . The brand new, three-part survey helps steer households and doctors toward ‘shared decision-making’, an approach proven to improve healthcare outcomes in adults, however, not used in pediatric configurations widely. The full total results of the CHOP study are published in the journal Academic Pediatrics.