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The spread of the type-3 stress of dengue is the third outbreak in the area this year and the Tropical Human population Health Solutions say ‘lure-and-eliminate traps’ are being placed around dengue-prone neighbourhoods in North Cairns, Parramatta and Whitfield Park. This reference to such traps will intrigue many accountable residents who undoubtedly be prepared to take such action but it seems such traps are unavailable commercially but are actually quite simple to create at house.Fire safety education may be the first line of protection in reducing the number of fire related incidents. Targeting our school age kids shall hopefully instill essential fire prevention behaviors which will carry over to future generations, stated Fire Marshal Cole. State Fire Marshal Cole, four Jefferson County Fire Chiefs, and Brad Ballard shall present workshops through the two hour event. FireFacts can be an interactive CD that’s presented by Farmers agents to schools for youthful students, explained Ballard. The program gives complete illustrations and information for parents and kids on what to do to safeguard themselves in fire situations.