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And that are loaded with refined sugars.

CSPI to document lawsuit against General Mills for selling ‘fruit’ snacks that don’t even contain the fruit Consumers are increasingly holding junk food manufacturers responsible for the false claims they make about their products, particularly when such products are labeled as ‘organic’ or as containing fruit when they actually don’t . Attorneys from the nutrition advocacy group Middle for Science in the Public Interest are submitting a class-action lawsuit on behalf of consumers against food giant General Mills for selling ‘fruit snacks’ that contain little if any fruit, and that are loaded with refined sugars, trans body fat, and artificial colors.

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CR4354 antibody uses crosslinking system to neutralize West Nile virus Researchers have discovered the structure that results when an antibody binds to the West Nile virus, neutralizing the virus by locking up it is infection mechanism. The information could help scientists create a vaccine against the mosquito-borne disease. The findings show precisely how a key portion of the antibody, known as the antigen binding fragment, or Fab, attaches to two adjacent proteins molecules that make up the virus’s external shell. This ‘crosslinking’ attachment between molecules is definitely repeated over the entire shell, interlocking the 30 molecular ‘rafts’ that define the shell and preventing structural changes necessary for the virus to infect host cells, said Michael Rossmann, the Hanley Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences in Purdue’s College of Technology.