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Scientists employed in a new field of study referred to as regenerative medicine think so.

CPFN, Cure CP increase funds to extend research on cerebral palsy Will it one day be feasible to cure cerebral palsy? Scientists employed in a new field of study referred to as ‘regenerative medicine’ think so. But support is required to further the intensive research, according to two nonprofit organizations founded by parents of kids with CP. Cerebral Palsy Family Network and Cure CP have kicked off ‘Stand for CP,’ to raise money to greatly help extend research presently underway at Duke University by stem cell pioneer Dr . Joanne Kurtzberg. ‘Dr. Kurtzberg's work keeps tremendous prospect of helping kids with cerebral palsy lead normal or even more functional lives, but like most research dealing with cerebral palsy, it requires financial support to survive,’ said Lisa Viele, mother or father with CPFN.

That’s why California Pacific INFIRMARY is normally delighted to announce the opening of the Bryan Hemming Cancer tumor Care Middle, a one-of-a-kind space offering a wide range of essential support providers for patients and themselves, all under one roofing. The guts owes its presence to the generosity of Bryan Hemming, a man who knows first hands the difficulties that a cancer diagnosis brings. After earning his personal struggle with cancers Mr. Hemming made a decision to help others facing an identical challenge, by creating a center that offered not only the very best treatment but also guidance, guided imagery, even spiritual guidance.