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According to researchers at the Stanford University College of Medicine.

Clinical trial of a medication to treat kleptomania A small medical trial of a medication to treat kleptomania has failed to find any conclusive benefit for patients with the impulsive stealing disorder, according to researchers at the Stanford University College of Medicine. However the total results leave open the chance that some medications, including the one in the trial, may be an effective treatment for certain patients forebygging . A lot more than 1.2 million people in the usa are believed to suffer from kleptomania, the guilt-ridden, impulsive stealing of inexpensive and unneeded items.


Food and Drug Administration for bifeprunox, an investigational antipsychotic for the treatment of schizophrenia and for maintenance of balance. Under the conditions of a collaboration contract entered into in March 2004, Solvay Wyeth and Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals agreed to co-develop and co-commercialize bifeprunox and other compounds, which are in earlier stages of development, as potential remedies for schizophrenia and various other psychiatric conditions. The initial compound was found out by Solvay Pharmaceuticals and has been produced by Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth and Lundbeck. Under a new agreement that was announced in January 2007, Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals will collaborate in a joint discovery work targeting the identification of little molecules as potential antipsychotic medications.