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‘ The Canadian Medical Association called for the changes because it says the system is certainly insufficient to meet the requirements of Canada’s aging human population . ‘According to the report, Canada’s health care system is underperforming on several key steps, including timely usage of services and ensuring accountability. That is even though Canada is one of the highest spenders of health care compared to additional industrialized countries with common healthcare, the report highlights.’ Many patients without employer health programs in Canada have huge out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs and ‘hospitals are more and more focusing only on individuals who are acutely ill.

These tumor centres will draw together world class research and areas of medical expertise to achieve the greatest results for cancer individuals nationwide. As the 1st Cancer Research UK Center, Birmingham will set the pace for national and international progress for genetics, gene therapy and the link between viruses and some cancers and also focussing on cancers of the prostate and bladder and leukaemia. It will become a leading center for clinical trials also. Collaboration is the key to the achievement of the Centre that will also focus on large-scale population research, cell biology and tumour immunology. Professor Lawrence Young, head of the University of Birmingham’s University of Medical and Dental Sciences, said: Producing a genuine difference to cancer individuals is what we are all about.