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Co-founders of the NanoVLSI Alliance.

Caltech and CEA-Leti launch NanoSystems Partnership Program The California Institute of Technology and CEA-Leti, co-founders of the NanoVLSI Alliance, have launched the NanoSystems Partnership Plan to accelerate delivery of nanosystems-based innovations to the market. Roadmaps set up the staging of prototype demonstrators, you start with a multichannel gas chromatography detection module, to be realized soon. Caltech and Leti are sponsoring a Nov. 2 workshop on Caltech’s campus in Pasadena to go over the NanoVLSi Alliance’s function, including presentations by users of the NanoSystems Partnership System. Participants also will get the chance to meet with key professionals from the alliance and find out about highlights from its technology roadmaps.Â.A lot of analysis has been done but the primary mechanisms of how these volatile anesthetics work have actually alluded us. Drs. Meiler, Aamir Nazir and their colleagues are taking advantage of advancements in genomics and technology to begin with to identify those mechanisms with the best goal of better drugs. Eventually what we wish to do is design more specific drugs, says Dr. Meiler of the ongoing work being presented through the American Culture of Anesthesiologists annual conference Oct. 22-26 in Atlanta. The main question is how can we design anesthetic medicines which have the desired effect of rendering an individual unconscious during surgery without affecting other mind functions that lead to adverse effects, he says. Important pieces attended together to help make the studies feasible including the relatively recent finding that volatile anesthetics connect to proteins.