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Chinese bird flu expert will head the WHO Dr.

Chinese bird flu expert will head the WHO Dr. Margaret Chan, a Chinese professional on bird flu, is to be the next head of the World Health Organization . It is expected that the global world Health Assembly can approve the appointment of Dr . Chan mainly because the director-general of WHO, making her the 1st Chinese person to head a major UN company. Dr. Chan will replace South Korea’s Lee Jong-wook who died instantly last May 3 years into his five-season term.

Given the inherent hazards of the vaccine and its link with sudden infant death, health professionals commonly believe that screening mothers for hepatitis B would be much more efficient than blanket vaccinations of kids. The inoculation is also believed to have a restricted life span in your body, further casting question on its importance for children, as the disease can be spread by adults through functions uncommon to children typically, such as unsafe sexual sharing and behavior of needles. The CDC nevertheless continues to suggest a three-tier administration of the hepatitis B inoculation, starting at 12 hours after birth, again at one to two 2 months and your final dose at 6 to 1. 5 years.. Chinese hepatitis B vaccinations claim the life span of a 12th infant victim The China Food and Drug Administration , combined with the National Health and Family Arranging Commission , had already suspended use of BioKangtai’s hepatitis B vaccines, and the inoculation now, produced by a separate Chinese company, is thought to have claimed the life span of its 12th infant victim on December 27, 2013.