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The study was led by Dr Xavier Bonfils of the Grenoble University in France.

‘Ancient astronauts’ can be a term worth Googling. So what are smart beings in the galaxy performing with Earth, anyway? Here are a few of my very own thoughts and theories on what may be occurring: Seven theories behind the lack of present-day ‘contact’• Theory #1 – Earth provides been declared a ‘nonintervention’ zone and all non-Earth civilizations possess decided to stay ‘hands off’ while simply observing our world and our species.The investigators further discovered that while no specific chemotherapy regimen was linked to advancement of steatosis, oxaliplatin was connected with sinusoidal damage and irinotecan was linked to steatohepatitis in comparison with patients who didn’t receive chemotherapy. In every, 11 sufferers died within 3 months of medical procedures, and six of those deaths happened in the 92 patients who had hepatic accidental injuries. Five of those patients got steatohepatitis, and one had steatosis. Of the five patients who created steatohepatitis, three have been treated with irinotecan. Although steatohepatitis is typically a benign condition, ‘its presence in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment might result in failure to regenerate new liver tissue, which can lead to liver disease and failure,’ Vauthey says.