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Can vitamin C thwart a chilly?

Can vitamin C thwart a chilly? Ah, autumn: Period for leaf-peeping, pumpkin spice lattes, turtlenecks . And the sniffles. Wintertime and Fall are peak seasons for colds. And almost everyone from Aunt Gladys to the cashier at the supermarket wants to inform you of their magic pill for fighting wintertime bugs. One of the most popular word-of-mouth cold remedies is to dosage up on vitamin C. But does boosting your vitamin C intake perform anything to avoid or shorten colds? Some studies suggest taking vitamin C has a modest effect on the common cold, but don’t expect miracles, one expert says.

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Medications accepted after 1995 also were associated with lower off-label make use of than those accepted before 1981. Physicians with high scores on evidence-based practice were less inclined to prescribe off-label. ‘To conclude, our results indicate that off-label prescribing is usually common in primary treatment and varies by medication class, the true quantity of accepted indications for the drug, the age of the drug, sufferers’ sex and physicians’ attitude toward evidence-based medication,’ the authors conclude. ‘Digital health records may be used to record treatment indication at the time of prescribing and may pave just how for enhanced postmarketing evaluation of medications if linked to treatment outcomes.’ Editor’s Note: The study was funded by a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Wellness Research.