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Biomedical Marketplace Newsletter announces 20th year running a business Biomedical Marketplace Newsletter, Inc. Biomedical Marketplace Newsletter spent some time working with trainers and educators on announcing forthcoming CME and extension programs, workshops and webinars. Publications and other info or medical publishing information useful to medical audiences & experts are also announced. , Cell Treatment Neurosciences Ltd., and Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.They help you look and feel beautiful at any age group. Don’t forget to line your lips with a liner. Use a rosy or beige color lip color to complete for a sensuous pout.. Automated microfluidic device can easily monitor hematopoietic stem cells A Canadian research team is rolling out an automated microfluidic cell lifestyle system to monitor the development, survival and responses of a huge selection of hematopoietic stem cells at the solitary cell level. This fresh tool allows researchers to review multiple temporally varying lifestyle conditions simultaneously also to gain brand-new insights on the development aspect requirements for HSC survival. The opportunity to perform massively parallel cultures of one non-adherent mammalian cells provides fresh avenues to explore complicated biological queries, says V-ronique Lecault, lead writer of the scholarly research and a PhD applicant in the UBC Dept.