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The micro actuator incorporates patented technology.

CTS awarded new creation and development system for piezoelectric micro actuators CTS Company today announced that CTS Electronic Components was awarded a significant new production and advancement program for piezoelectric micro actuators for data storage devices . Production is expected to start in the fourth quarter 2010 with total revenues over another three years to be approximately $14 million and over $10 – $12 million yearly thereafter . The awarded program is section of the family of piezoceramic formulations CTS has developed in response to developing market opportunities.

‘There is growing evidence that the use of immunotherapies like those inside our PembroPlus clinical trials could improve the ability to battle cancers,’ said Dr. Glen Weiss, Director of Clinical Medical and Analysis Oncologist, CTCA at Western. ‘We will be testing this new arm for sarcoma sufferers to determine its efficiency and safety.’ This research will enroll as many as 140 patients who’ve received previous standard-of-care treatments and are now qualified to receive clinical trial studies. The first individual on the phase II portion of this arm received treatment today. For this arm of the PembroPlus medical trial, pembrolizumab is coupled with liposomal doxorubicin, a chemotherapy used to successfully to treat AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma, breast malignancy, ovarian malignancy and other sound tumors.