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Professor Adrian Krainer.

SRSF3 itself may not make for an excellent therapeutic target, as it oversees splicing in various various other genes unrelated to cancer. But Krainer‘s team is concentrating on finding ways to redirect splicing to drive malignancy cells to preferentially consist of exon 9 and therefore produce PK-M1 rather than PK-M2. The team has previously prevailed in correcting a splicing defect that causes the neuromuscular disease, spinal muscular atrophy, using antisense technology-which involves artificial nucleotide sequences-to redirect splicing to power the inclusion of an individual exon.‘In 2006, we announced an contract with Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd which will double the capacity of the company’s largest and fastest developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient item, vancomycin, at the mercy of the receipt of the required regulatory approvals. The acquisition announced today for the Animal Health business considerably improves our ability to program our global zinc bacitracin customers. Both of these moves are indicative of Alpharma’s strategic dedication to invest in Asia to both establish a market presence and additional improve our supply chain.’.

Australian police declares fresh Apple Maps for iPhone a ‘potentially life-threatening’ health risk Since technology huge Apple officially released iOS 6, the most recent operating system because of its well-known iPhone device, many users have already been reporting persistent issues with the infamous Apple Maps navigation app.