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California occupants see mysterious lamps flash in the sky during earthquake When a magnitude 6.

Another person tweeted, ‘Saw flashes of light that appeared as if lightning right after earthquake, large green flash north of Sebastopol then.’ Nope, they aren’t UFOs, says leading scientistAccording to scientist Friedemann Freund, who works at the SETI Institute in Mountain Look at, the ‘earthquake lights’ aren’t from UFOs or explosions. They are normally occurring phenomenons that happen when stress builds up below the earth’s surface. The stress of the earthquake on rocks within the ground causes an electric current to blast its way to the top of Earth, shooting in to the sky as a burst of multi-colored light. The earthquake lights observed in Napa Valley had been reportedly noticeable in bursts, with one or two seconds between each flash. The lights were like invert lightning, shooting from the ground.The authors acknowledge that more descriptive data are needed to fully understand why liver transplant offers are refused. However, they suggest that refusals could derive from incomplete pre-transplantation workups, physician disclosure and knowing of donor-recipient relationships, and transplant center overall performance pressures. John Roberts and colleagues say: ‘Merely increasing the availability of deceased donor livers or the amount of offers may not substantially reduce wait-list mortality.’ They insist that further research is vital but claim that individual education and adjustments to how transplant centers are assessed may help improve outcomes for individuals.