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California governor bans commercial GM salmon production By the end of September.

Researchers have warned that GM fish would exacerbate the issues already cause by blending of farmed fish with their wild relatives. That’s because, in the short term, fast-growing farmed fish group out wild fish. For instance, a 2008 research in the journal PLOS Biology found that, when wild seafood and hatchery-bred fish mixed, the abundance of wild fish fell by 50 %. A 2009 study in Science found that, when wild steelhead trout bred with farmed steelheads, their offspring no reproduced at levels sufficient to sustain a wild population longer. If transgenic seafood become established in organic stocks, stated researcher Fredrik Sundstrom of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, they would have the ability to out-compete the organic breeds.The patented alloy-structured technology allows maintenance-free procedure and is a substantial option to conventional freezing strategies or programmable freezers. Our goal is to keep to provide both simplicity and performance for sample handling and cryopreservation. Yet, frequently, this simple process is at the mercy of unnecessary and substantial variation, in addition to high cost. CoolCell FTS30 solves this issue,’ stated Brian Schryver, BioCision’s Vice President of Study and Development. ‘Offering for a fraction of the price tag on commercial cell cryopreservation gadgets and sized to match compactly inside any -80oC freezer, this brand-new CoolCell makes a robust research tool open to all researchers.’ CoolCell FTS30 runs on the patented alloy-based micro-convection warmth removal technology to uniformly freeze 30-vial batches in a concise space.