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The Task Pressure.

Aspirin might prevent preeclampsia in pregnant women Taking low-dose baby aspirin during pregnancy may prevent a significant complication many women face, preeclampsia. The U.S . Preventive Services Task Force today published a draft of their suggested suggestions and final evidence overview on prescribing low-dosage aspirin as a preventive measure against preeclampsia for pregnant women at risky for the condition. The Task Force highly recommends doctors prescribe a little dose – – 81 milligrams per day – – starting after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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Blacks have the highest rate of colorectal cancer of any combined group. In 2002, the Preventive Services Task Push recommended that folks age 50 and old be screened for colon cancer. Previous research had suggested a daily baby aspirin could prevent precancerous polyps that occasionally become colorectal cancer. But later on research demonstrated low-dose aspirin did little good at preventing cancer actually. Dr. Raymond DuBois, director of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Tennessee, stated he believes the task force’s latest information is reasonable. ‘I think for the overall population, the chance of either having some gastrointestinal bleeding from aspirin or cardiovascular side effect from some of these other medicines.