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Also, as the statutory laws is implemented, some Republicans on Capitol Hill are beginning to tread a bit more carefully on their programs for changing it. And a legislative battle could be brewing over one wellness program as Congress tries to put together a good spending budget – – The Associated Press: House GOP Conflicted On Wellness Law Alternative House Republicans are united as ever within their election-year opposition to Obamacare, but they're increasingly divided over their promise to vote this full year in an alternative to it.Quinn said. Discovering risk factors might help a doctor develop the best treatment and match the chance of treatments to the chance of the condition. The next step is trying to capture and measure long-term survival as these kids transition into adulthood, Dr. Quinn said. We also hope to one day identify risk factors that will help doctors and sufferers know what to expect from the disease. All study participants were diagnosed through newborn screening and had been all born in Texas on or after Nov. 1, 1983, when the state’s screening plan went into effect. The patients were noticed through Aug.