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Battle is to preserve swine flu out of prisons and hospitals Based on the latest update.

They state swine flu is happening among young people predominantly, young school aged kids five to 15 and adults particularly, and has already made an appearance in the prison program in New South Wales and Queensland. At least three inmates are evidently in isolation after screening positive for swine flu and further measures have already been introduced to help prevent the spread of the virus using mechanisms to recognize prisoners who may have influenza-like illnesses, check them, deal with them, isolate them and people to jails are getting asked to defer appointments if they themselves possess influenza-like illnesses.CT scans and other imaging techniques tend to be used in patients with recurrent cancers to assess if the patient is giving an answer to treatment. RECIST, the typical criteria for examining CT scans and ultrasonography, assesses treatment response by measuring the growth or shrinkage of the tumor. However, unlike other solid tumors, ovarian cancers spreads through the abdominal diffusely, making tumor tissue much more tough to detect through CT scans. As a result, response cannot always be measured by RECIST requirements. Experts hypothesized that the CA125 blood test might be a better device for observing tumor growth among patients whose cancers has returned than traditional imaging methods.