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Atlanta fire Capt.

Fire established Tony McNary verified to WGCL that the school didn’t have carbon monoxide detectors. For even more on the story, watch WGCL’s insurance coverage below: CBS Atlanta 46.. Carbon monoxide leak at Atlanta school sickens 31 ATLANTA A carbon monoxide leak in an Atlanta elementary school has led to the evacuation of 500 college students and the hospitalization of 31 others. Atlanta fire Capt. Marian McDaniel told The Associated Press that firefighters taken care of immediately Finch Elementary School, on the city’s southwest side, shortly after 8 a.m. After reviews came in that people were unconscious at the school. McDaniel said firefighters found people sickened, but nobody was unconscious. In total, 29 students, a tuned teacher and a cafeteria worker were taken to local hospitals.Related StoriesEstrogen-like drug might not be beneficial to women with Alzheimer's dementiaHealth Education England launches Dementia Core Skills Education and Teaching FrameworkBU researcher gets prestigious fellowship to start new project for people with dementia’Our getting is significant while the adjustments typical of Alzheimer’s disease – the most common dementia syndrome – are believed to start appearing two to three decades before clinical manifestation and therefore identification of early risk factors is imperative’, says Jyri Virta, researcher at University of Turku, Finland.