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Held May 1-5 in San Diego propionate-vs-enanthate.html.

Argos Therapeutics announces presentations on sCD83 proteins capabilities at 2010 American Transplant Congress Argos Therapeutics today announced two oral presentations detailing data on it is soluble CD83 protein program in the 2010 American Transplant Congress, held May 1-5 in San Diego. The data, that have been produced by Argos in collaboration with scientists from the University of Western Ontario, demonstrate that sCD83 is capable of inducing disease fighting capability tolerance to transplant grafts and suppressing an anti-donor antibody response, with a multi-faceted mechanism-of-actions that impacts T and B cells, in addition to dendritic cells propionate-vs-enanthate.html .

Switzerland is not area of the EMA and requires an unbiased application and authorization from Swissmedic.. Arena documents lorcaserin hydrochloride MAA with Swissmedic Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today the filing with the Swiss wellness authority, Swissmedic, of a Marketing Authorization Application for lorcaserin hydrochloride, an investigational drug applicant in Switzerland. The intended indication is as an adjunct to diet and exercise for weight control in patients with an initial body mass index of 30 kg/m or better , or 27 kg/m or greater in the presence of at least one pounds related comorbid condition.