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They add that the act of chewing offers been recommended to increase blood circulation into and around the periodontal membrane, restoring lymphatic circulation and preventing, or relieving, edema and inflammation. A complete of 28 sufferers with braces in the NG group were specifically asked never to chew gum throughout the study while the 29 in the CG group received chewing gum to make use of when required after orthodontic appointments. Patients reported VAS and TIS scores at 24 hours and 1 week after their appointments. Both measures were significantly low in the CG than the NG group at 24 hours after appointments, with mean VAS and TIS scores of 73 versus 89, and 20 mm versus 45 mm, respectively. These remained lower among CG patients than NG sufferers after 1 week, but were not different significantly.A lipase test also enable you to help monitor children with cystic fibrosis , celiac disease , and inflammatory bowel disease. Preparation Because the lipase check is even more accurate when performed after fasting, your son or daughter may be asked to avoid feeding on and drinking for 10-12 hours before this blood test. It’s also advisable to tell your physician about any medications your son or daughter is taking, because certain drugs might alter the test outcomes.