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A new study suggests.

There is a 20 % lower risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the colon and rectum, among people taking aspirin, said lead researcher Yin Cao, a postdoctoral study fellow at the Harvard College of Public Health in Boston. But Cao doesn’t think people should begin taking aspirin to avoid cancer until more research is done. ‘The outcomes of ongoing study to develop more tailored treatment based upon a personalized evaluation of risks and benefits is critical before recommending aspirin for stopping cancer tumor,’ she said. Moreover, individuals and their doctors need to consider the potential risks of acquiring aspirin, including stomach bleeding, Cao said.By combining our experience I am confident that this partnership can lead to findings that may ultimately benefit cancer patients. Each full year an estimated one million folks are identified as having colorectal cancers, accounting for 8 percent of deaths from cancer. Current remedies for advanced disease are mainly palliative and the 5-year survival price for sufferers with advanced colorectal malignancy is significantly less than 10 percent.

Causes And HERBAL REMEDIES For Hair Loss Problem That Work People experiencing alopecia feel embarrassed, confused and helpless. Lot of chemical based products is available in the marketplace that promises instant results. Such products offer temporary outcomes and do come with irreversible side effects.