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Four million babies are born in america annually.

The survey of 24,000 doctors demonstrated that highest paid are Radiologists and Orthopedic surgeons at $315,000. Next came Cardiologists at $314,000, Anaesthesiologists and Urologists both at $309,000. Gastroenterologists at $303,000, Oncologists at $295,000, Dermatologists at $283,000, Plastic material surgeons and Ophthalmologists at $270,000 emerged thereafter. The worst paid will be the Pediatricians at $156,000, Family medication doctors at $158,000, Internal medication doctors at $165,000, Diabeticians/endocrinologists at $168,000 and Psychiatrists and HIV/infectious disease professionals at $170,000. In remarks accompanying the survey, many doctors said they feared adjustments in the ongoing healthcare system means lower incomes in a long time, Medscape reports.