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CPIC awarded $2.

ClearCount has shown this is true with its track record of partnership and consumer wins. Retained sponges are the most frequent and harmful of retained surgical items , a Under no circumstances Event resulting in nonpayment to hospitals and significant risk to individuals. A large multicenter trial recently demonstrated that as little as a 30 minute medical delay can nearly double the risk of infectious complications – every minute counts. Through the elimination of preventable hospital costs and delays connected with RSIs, including additional medical procedures and infection costs, litigation, unnecessary X-rays and anesthesia, ClearCount’s products can provide hospitals an improved reputation at a rapid rate of profits on return..The survey – published in the September 26 issue of the Archives of inner Medicine – showed that only 6 % of doctors felt patients received too little care. Why? As the surveyed docs feel they’re paid to accomplish more checks – but if indeed they don’t do enough? A malpractice suit. A lot more than 80 % of surveyed doctors felt they’d get sued for not really ordering a related check. I’d say most doctors most likely feel somewhat helpless when they’re likely to practice defensive medicine and check off a lot of boxes, Dr.