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Another offshore essential oil rig explodes in the Gulf coast of florida Its a war zone out there!

Another offshore essential oil rig explodes in the Gulf coast of florida It’s a war zone out there! . If you are an oil platform employee, anyway. Another essential oil rig, the Vermilion Oil Rig 380, offers exploded in the Gulf coast of florida, just a few kilometers from the infamous Deepwater Horizon that began the substantial volcano of essential oil that poisoned the Gulf this summer. U.S. Coast Safeguard helicopters were instantly dispatched to the picture, where 13 workers were found floating in the water around the rig. The rig is reportedly burning, but it has been reported by ABC Information that the rig wasn’t drilling for oil at the time of the explosion. No info explaining the cause of the explosion has however surfaced.

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It is the same fruit. Monsanto, through associates and subsidiaries, offered free of charge Bt brinjal saplings to poor farmers as an open experiment to get even more GMO acceptance in South and Southeast Asia. Seems this field check backfired. Bt genetic technology promises to provides crop vegetation the capability to produce their personal insecticide, purportedly to reduce farmers’ need for intensive pesticide spraying. Independent testing has found that Bt proteins adversely impact the soil, friendly pollinators and insects, and endanger animals and humans, as the Bt Cry toxins aren’t denatured in the gut as previously assumed and promoted.