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Burger King Holdings Inc.

Burger chain innovator McDonald’s Corp. Presents apple slices with a low-fat caramel dip and low-fats milk in its Happy Meals, and will be offering fruit and salads parfaits on its regular menu. Wendy’s International Inc. Gives salads, yogurt with granola and mandarin oranges. Burger King sells salads and has a veggie burger also. It didn’t reveal a price because of its new children’s items because meals and paper costs possess not really been set, Silversmith said. Ronni Litz Julien, a Miami writer and nutritionist, praised Burger King but said it was the duty of parents to teach their children to consume healthier.‘The Greenhouse into the future can be an innovative and strategic design, built of natural and recycled materials, that interacts with the organic phenomena of the earth to be able to create the perfect environment for growth and abundance,’ clarifies the concept’s creators. DVD, e-book, building plans and more included in low-cost ‘Greenhouse into the future’ package The official trailer for The Greenhouse into the future teases audiences with the prospect of being in a position to live, work and thrive from the ease and comfort of one’s home without ever having to go out for anything. Economic crises, food shortages, energy wars, poisons in the food supply – – none of this is a problem when everything you need to live is created right on your own house.