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An increase in lipid production can be an important characteristic of malignancy. A cell must replicate its DNA and dual in size in order to divide. And rapidly-dividing cells require large amounts of construction materials – body fat, proteins and nucleic acids – as well as having huge energy demands. But tumour cells, which have poorly-developed arteries, only receive a restricted way to obtain the nutrients they need. So, to meet the demand for energy and construction materials, cancer cells have developed a remarkably different way of generating energy compared with healthy cells.Entitled Personal Delivery of Public Solutions, the report looks at three models of private-sector involvement in the delivery of public services: Privatisation Public-personal partnerships , including outsourcing and Private Finance Initiative partnerships Not-for-profit organisations. The statement demonstrates there are good theoretical justifications for each of the types of delivery, but ‘political economy’ problems around the incentives of open public officials are also essential. In particular, private delivery should be weighed against feasible public-sector alternatives. Otherwise, chances are that the contribution created by the private sector shall be underestimated. In the 1970s, the general public sector dominated the delivery of open public services to such an extent that in most countries outside the United States, the terms ‘public solutions’ and ‘public sector’ became almost synonymous.