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Vaginal dryness.

CBT, PE may ameliorate treatment-induced menopausal symptoms in breast cancer patients Researchers from HOLLAND have discovered that the menopausal symptoms due to offering chemotherapy or hormonal therapy to younger women with breast cancer could be ameliorated considerably through the use of cognitive behavioural therapy and physical activity . These interventions can be effective in working with such distressing symptoms as sizzling hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, excess weight gain, urinary incontinence and sexual problems, a researcher will inform the 8th European Breast Cancer Meeting today . Continue reading

Scientists employed in a new field of study referred to as regenerative medicine think so.

CPFN, Cure CP increase funds to extend research on cerebral palsy Will it one day be feasible to cure cerebral palsy? Scientists employed in a new field of study referred to as ‘regenerative medicine’ think so. But support is required to further the intensive research, according to two nonprofit organizations founded by parents of kids with CP. Cerebral Palsy Family Network and Cure CP have kicked off ‘Stand for CP,’ to raise money to greatly help extend research presently underway at Duke University by stem cell pioneer Dr . Joanne Kurtzberg. ‘Dr. Kurtzberg's work keeps tremendous prospect of helping kids with cerebral palsy lead normal or even more functional lives, but like most research dealing with cerebral palsy, it requires financial support to survive,’ said Lisa Viele, mother or father with CPFN. Continue reading

Carbon Dioxide Laser The CO2 laser was invented in 1964 by Kumar Patel at Bell Labs in the usa.

Today, the most recent CO2 technology fractionates the beam to produce columns of cells ablation separated by healthy tissue. As a total result, fractionated CO2 lasers can be performed on almost every type of skin, significantly decreasing the risk of hypopigmentation and significantly accelerating healing time. Who is capable of doing the CO2 LASER SKIN TREATMENT? For the best results in CO2 laser treatment, it’s best that you book a consultation with Dr. Torgerson at his Toronto Clinic. Dr. Torgerson has been carrying out CO2 laser treatments for several years. Dr. Torgerson is very well educated in pores and skin remodeling and resurfacing techniques, and uses the best methods that allow his individuals to feel hardly any discomfort while providing them with best results. Continue reading

An agonizing condition where uterine tissue grows beyond your uterus.

BP sunscreens might boost threat of endometriosis in women Researchers are reporting a possible hyperlink between the usage of sunscreen containing a particular component that mimics the consequences of the feminine sex hormone estrogen and an elevated risk of being identified as having endometriosis, an agonizing condition where uterine tissue grows beyond your uterus. The record is explained by them, released in ACS’ journal Environmental Technology & Technology, as the first ever to examine whether this kind of a connection might can be found. Kurunthachalam Kannan and co-workers describe that some sunscreens and various other personal care products consist of benzophenone -type things that are amazing in blocking potentially dangerous ultraviolet rays from sunlight best time to take . Continue reading