Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detector for RVs, Homes & Apartments, CO Alarms and CO Detectors

I definitely feel a lot safer at night knowing that we have a Quantum Guardian® in our home. Having that sense of security is, is huge.

–Christine L. , Mother of Three

Why take chances? Why put your family at risk? Why put your self at risk when you can purchase this alarm, easily install it, and you have all the protection that you need. It seems kind of silly not to take advantage of it.

–Sandy N., Carbon Monoxide Alarm Owner

Since I have the Quantum Guardian® carbon monoxide detector I don’t have to worry about any of the children getting sick or God forbid losing their lives because I do have the detectors installed in my daycare center and that gives me a total peace of mind.

–Tanya Danze License Day Care Provider

The best time is now. You can’t wait to buy a carbon monoxide alarm because even if you have the most modern home and you think all of your appliances are perfect and you may have a garage attached to the home, now is the best time to buy it. I wouldn’t delay at all in buying a carbon monoxide alarm.

–Colleen F. , Carbon Monoxide Survivor

The slightest thing can cause a vent to come loose… wind even sometimes can do that. Venting can come loose over time also. The stories of animals building nests and things in fireplaces. I wouldn’t want to live in a home that didn’t have a carbon monoxide alarm.

–Glenn L. , General Contractor

We did not even think that there is something in the air as I say that could be causing these symptoms for us. They were so normal so to speak if you’re coming down to a flu cold or flu that unless you are highly trained and as a medical doctor and could pick up symptoms right away you would’ve never associated those symptoms with carbon monoxide poisoning.

–Anthony V. , Carbon Monoxide Survivor

I am a survivor of carbon monoxide and I would tell anyone who would tell me that they didn’t need a carbon monoxide alarm; I would tell them that they do.

–Gloria G. , Carbon Monoxide Survivor

I’ve been a fireman for 25 years and I believe the Quantum Guardian® is the best product on the market today. It has false alarm free technology, it’s tested with Underwriters Laboratory, and I see no reason why anyone shouldn’t have one in their home.

–Anthony Ciavatta , Firefighter, Captain

Around here we do one thing, we save lives. When we’re on a call we’re always aware of the silent killer, carbon monoxide, that’s why we use this, but rather not wait for an emergency to happen. That’s also why I protect myself and my family from the danger of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning with the Quantum Guardian® Carbon Monoxide Alarm. I trust that Quantum Guardian® will protect me and my family from the dangers of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning; you should too.

–Joe Grayston Firefighter, Captain